Otso Juntunen

Company: Google

Job Title: Head of Cloud Platform Nordic

Otso Juntunen

As the head of Google Cloud Platform Nordic, Otso Juntunen is in charge of building business for Cloud Platform in the Nordic countries and in the Northern Europe. Prior to becoming the Cloud Platform Nordic lead, Otso served as Associate Director for Gartner, managing consulting at the manufacturing & retail and telecommunications industries in EMEA, especially focusing on the Nordic market.
Earlier in his career, he spent over five years as the co-founder and chairman of Headlong, where he defined and drove forward the business strategy and business development of the company. Prior to that, Otso held other various roles at Stronghold Invest AB, The Boston Consulting Group, Talent Partners Oy (now Talent Vectia) and Accenture.
Otso holds a M.Sc. in Circuit Theory and Electromagnetism from the Helsinki University of Technology.


Otso Juntunen Seminars

  • Architecting the Future: learnings from Google Thu 21th Sep 11:40 - 12:10

    Architecting the Future: learnings from Google

    Cloud is a rising trend, but one that is really in its infancy. Google shares its view of the cloud as a platform-first mindset, opening the possibility of changing the fundamentals of computing to achieve new capabilities from compute architectures to data processing and machine learning. The next stage of machine intelligence offers both long and short term opportunities for those that can apply machine learning to analytics at web scale to relevant real world data that apply to your business.


    Otso Juntunen

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    Thu 21th Sep 11:40 to 12:10